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Tomato Gang~


Tomato Gang~

urrrghh…. don’t mention it. I had two of mine pulled and it was the worst thing I ever went through to that point

I had four of mine taken out. really I only needed three out but they were in there already so they extracted the fourth (those bastards curse their names)

Ačiū, dievas, I galiu valgyti šaltibarščiu

Jis yra pirmas maistas aš valgau šiandien

ahhh, that sounds like it sucks :(( i hope u feel better soon friend!!!!

thank you so much

hopefully the pain will go away soon

its just so humiliating and frustrating because I’m twenty-one years old and this has reduced me to speaking and acting like a child

I really hope it heals quickly

oh god why

why do we do this

so many people in the world survive without having wisdom teeth removed

this is so painful I can’t even describe it


Flat S’mores Tart | La Pêche Fraîche

Wisdom teeth out

There’s a lot of blood


Pixiv ID: 23968301Member: ソラボ


Pixiv ID: 23968301
Member: ソラボ


german boys & their longass names (official art)

What is this ‘guess my top ten’ thing that everyone is doing?